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Kalaitzidakis, Pantelis
Kardasis, Vassilis
Lekakis, Joseph
Marias, Epaminondas
Milonakis, Dimitris
Papadopoulos, Athanasios
Petrakis, Emmanuel
Stathakis, George
Tzouvelekas, Vangelis
Vlassis, Minas
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Marangos, John
Tserkezos, Dikaios
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Dioikitopoulos, Evangelos
Gaganis, Chrysovalantis
Genius, Margarita
Giannellis, Nikolaos
Nikolaidis, Evangelos
Nikolitsa, Dafni
Panagopoulos, Andreas
Stamatopoulos, Giorgos
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Koukouritakis, Minoas
Koutentakis, Franciscos
Lapatsioras, Spyros
Tsiotas, Georgios
Retired Fellow (1)
Yiannopoulos, Andreas
Specialized Teaching Staff (2)
Drakos, Periklis
Papaioannou, Eugenia
Specialized Technical Personnel (1)
Pigounakis, Konstantinos
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Fourmouzi, Vassiliki
Galinou, Argyro
Perakis, Manos
Sideri, Ekaterini
Vardas, Giannis
Xenakis, Alexandros

    Gaganis Chrysovalantis

Chrysovalantis Gaganis
Curriculum Vitae

RANK/POSITION : Assistant Professor

Department of Economics
Gallos Campus
74100 Rethymno
Tel.: +30 2831 0 77425
Fax: +30 2831 0 77406
Contact Hours : CLICK
PhD  Finance and Accounting,  Dept. of Production Engineering and Management,  Technical University of Crete,  Greece
MSc  Business Administration (Specialization: Engineering Management),  Dept. of Production Engineering and Management,  Technical University of Crete,  Greece
BA  Economics,  Dept. of Economics,  University of Crete,  Greece
BA  Accounting,  Dept. of Accounting,  Technological Educational Institute of Crete,  Greece
Banking and insurance regulations
Bankruptcy prediction and credit rating
Mergers and acquisitions
Auditing Decisions
ΧΡΜΟ181 -- Finance I  (Undergraduate Course)
ΔΧΑΟ376 -- International Financial Markets (S)  (Undergraduate Course)
ΧΡΜΟ382 -- Finance II (S)  (Undergraduate Course)
ΛΟΓΟ185 -- Accounting I  (Undergraduate Course)
ΛΟΓΟ186 -- Accounting II  (Undergraduate Course)
Gaganis, C. and Pasiouras, F., "Financial supervision regimes and bank efficiency: international evidence", Journal Banking and Finance, , (Forthcoming)
Gaganis, C., Hasan, I. and Pasiouras, F., "Efficiency and stock returns: evidence from the insurance industry", Journal of Productivity Analysis, , (Forthcoming)
Pasiouras, F. and Gaganis, C., "Regulations and soundness of insurance firms: international evidence", Journal of Business Research, 66(5), pp. 632-642  (2013)
Liadaki, A. and Gaganis, C., "Bank Efficiency and stock returns: Evidence from EU 15", Omega: The International Journal of Management Science, 38(5), pp. 254-259  (2010)
Pasiouras, F., Gaganis, C. and Zopounidis, C., "Multicriteria classification models for the identification of targets and acquirers in the Asian banking sector", European Journal of Operational Research, 204(2), pp. 328-335  (2010)
Gaganis, C., "Classification Techniques for the Identification of Falsified Financial Statements: A Comparative Analysis", Intelligent Systems in Accounting, Finance & Management, 16(3), pp. 207-229  (2009)
Gaganis, C., Pasiouras, F. and Doumpos, M., "Probabilistic Neural Networks for the Identification of Qualified Audit Opinions", Expert Systems with Applications, 32(1), pp. 114-124  (2007)
Pasiouras, F., Gaganis, C. and Zopounidis, C., "The Impact of Bank Regulations, Supervision, Market Structure and Bank Characteristics on Individual Bank Ratings: a Cross-Country Analysis", Review of Quantitative Finance & Accounting, 27(4), pp. 403-438  (2006)



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