Basic information about the undergraduate programme

Παρακάτω παρουσιάζεται η κατανομή των μαθημάτων και αριθμός ECTS ανά εξάμηνο και έτος σπουδών:


1st Semester 2ο Εξάμηνο
Κωδικός Μάθημα ECTS Κωδικός Μάθημα ECTS
ΟΙΚ1001 Mathematics for Economists I 6.00 ΟΙΚ1004 Mathematics for Economists II 6.00
ΟΙΚ1003 Statistics I 6.00 ΟΙΚ1002 Macroeconomics I 6.00
ΟΙΚ1401 English I 3.00 ΟΙΚ1005 Microeconomics I 6.00
ΟΙΚ1501 Computers for Economists I 6.00 ΟΙΚ1006 Statistics II 6.00
ΟΙΚ1007 Introduction to Economic Theory 6.00 ΟΙΚ1402 English II 3.00
(0 μαθήματα) (1 μάθημα)
  ΟΙΚ1301 Political Economy I 6.00
Σύνολο   27.00   33.00


3ο Εξάμηνο 4ο Εξάμηνο
Κωδικός Μάθημα ECTS Κωδικός Μάθημα ECTS
ΟΙΚ2001 Macroeconomics II 6.00 ΟΙΚ2004 Macroeconomics III 6.00
ΟΙΚ2002 Microeconomics II 6.00 ΟΙΚ2005 Microeconomics III 6.00
ΟΙΚ2003 Econometrics I 6.00 ΟΙΚ2006 Econometrics II 6.00
  ΟΙΚ2501 Computers for Economists II 6.00
(2 μαθήματα) (1 μάθημα)
ΟΙΚ2201 Accounting Ι 6.00 ΟΙΚ2303 History of Economic Theories I 6.00
ΟΙΚ2304 Greek Economic History I 6.00 ΟΙΚ2306 European Economic History I 6.00
ΟΙΚ2305 Institutions of the European Union 6.00 OIK2308 European Union Law 6.00
ΟΙΚ2307 Theories of European Integration 6.00  
Σύνολο   30.00   30.00


5ο-7ο Εξάμηνο 6ο-8ο Εξάμηνο
Κωδικός Μάθημα ECTS Κωδικός Μάθημα ECTS
(10 μαθήματα) (10 μαθήματα)
ΟΙΚ3001 Econometrics III 6.00 ΟΙΚ3005 Mathematics for Economists III 6.00
ΟΙΚ3401 Advanced English I 3.00 ΟΙΚ3311 Social Economics I 6.00
ΟΙΚ3102 Game Theory 6.00 ΟΙΚ3402 Advanced English II 3.00
ΟΙΚ3104 Environmental Economics 6.00 ΟΙΚ3113 The Greek Economy I 6.00
ΟΙΚ3105 Economics of the Monetary Unions 6.00 ΟΙΚ3209 Management II 6.00
ΟΙΚ3112 Advanced Macroeconomics 6.00 ΟΙΚ3501 Database Management 6.00
ΟΙΚ3201 Industrial Organization I 6.00 ΟΙΚ3601 Teaching Economics 6.00
ΟΙΚ3202 Management I 6.00 ΟΙΚ3114 Urban and Regional Economics 6.00
ΟΙΚ3203 Sports Economics 6.00 ΟΙΚ3108 International Trade 6.00
ΟΙΚ3204 Economic Forecasts and Financial Markets Analysis 6.00 ΣΚΕ3301 Epistemology of Social Sciences 6.00
ΟΙΚ3207 Financial Management I 6.00 ΟΙΚ3101 Public Economics I 6.00
ΟΙΚ3211 Economics of the Firm 6.00 ΟΙΚ3206 Financial Analysis 6.00
ΟΙΚ3303 Marxist Economics 6.00 ΟΙΚ3216 Analysis of Financial Derivatives 6.00
ΟΙΚ3305 International Political Economy 6.00 ΟΙΚ3308 Political Economy II 6.00
ΟΙΚ3212 Mass Media and Entertainment Economics 6.00 OIK3116 Economics of Education 6.00
ΟΙΚ3110 Economic Growth I 6.00 OIK3210 Economics of Innovation and New Technologies 6.00
ΟΙΚ3103 Economic Policy 6.00 OIK3117 Macroeconomic Fluctuations and Policies 6.00
ΟΙΚ3109 Monetary Theory and Policy Ι 6.00 ΟΙΚ3312 Law and Institutions of the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) 6.00
ΟΙΚ3301 Development Economics II 6.00  
ΣΚΕ3303 Contemporary Issues of Greek Economy and Policy 6.00  
ΟΙΚ3310 History of Economic Theories II 6.00  
ΟΙΚ3309 Comparative Economic Systems I 6.00  
ΣΚΕ3305 Methodology of Social Sciences 6.00  
ΟΙΚ3214 Financial Institutions Management 6.00  
ΟΙΚ4101 Topics in Econometrics 6.00 ΟΙΚ4203 Management and Analysis of Quantitative and Qualitative Data II 6.00
ΟΙΚ4201 Topics in Industrial Organisation 6.00 ΟΙΚ4202 Economic and Financial Indices 6.00
OIK4203 Management and Analysis of Quantitative and Qualitative Data I 6.00 ΟΙΚ4501 Computers for Economists III 6.00
ΟΙΚ4107 Economics of the Monetary Unions II 6.00 ΟΙΚ4102 Monetary Theory and Policy ΙΙ 6.00
OIK4502 Introduction to R Programming 6.00 ΟΙΚ4205 Mass Media and Entertainment Economics ΙΙ 6.00
ΟΙΚ4207 Economic Models of Innovation Theory 6.00 OIK4305 Comparative Economic Systems II 6.00
  ΟΙΚ4302 Greek Economic History II 6.00
  ΟΙΚ4304 European Economic History II 6.00
Σύνολο   60.00   60.00
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