Offered Courses

The program's offered courses during the present academic year are listed below:

Winter Semester

Κωδικος Μαθημα Διδασκοντας
Macroeconomics I N. Giannellis
ΟΙΚ5002 Microeconomics IΙ M. Petrakis
ΟΙΚ5003 Econometrics Ι M. Genius
ΟΙΚ5004 Political Economy D. Milonakis

Spring Semester

Κωδικος Μαθημα Διδασκοντας
Microeconomics II M. Petrakis
ΟΙΚ5008 Econometrics II G. Tsiotas
ΟΙΚ5203 Finance X. Daskalaki
ΟΙΚ5302 International Political Economy S. Lapatsioras



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