Political Economy and Economic Development Laboratory

Director: Milonakis Dimitris, Professor, Dept. of Economics


Political Economy and Economic Development Lab is orientated towards multi-dimensional and interdisciplinary research. Its main target is to promote research and contribute to the educational activities of the Department of Economics, University of Crete, in the broader subjects of Political Economy and Economic Development.

More precisely, the lab engages in research in fields such as political economy, economic and social development and policy, sustainable development, economic history and geography, agricultural economy and natural resources, cyclical economy, addressing the needs of the Department in teaching and promoting students’ interest and involvement in these subjects and disciplines.

Also, the aims of the lab include international collaborations and cooperation with social scientists from other academic departments, research centers and institutions, the organization of academic meetings, scientific conferences and educational workshops, provision of consulting and scientific support towards public organisations and local authorities, as well as private agents, in matters of planning and implementing programs for economic development.



Political Economy, Εconomic and Social Development, Economic Policy , Economic History, Greek Economy, Regional Development and Economic Geography, European Integration, Agricultural Economics, Environmental and Natural Resource Management


FACULTY: Milonakis Dimitris (Professor), Kardasis Vasilis (f. Professor), Marias Epaminondas (Professor, suspension of duties), Stathakis Giorgos (f. Professor), Lapatsioras Spyros (Assistant Professor), Nikolaidis Evangelos (Assistant Professor), Koutentakis Frangiskos (Lecturer).

ASSOCIATE RESEARCHERS: Dr. Meramveliotakis Giorgos, Dr. Drakaki Elina, Dr. Manioudis Manolis, Dr. Tzotzes Sergios, Papadantonakis Panagiotis (Ph.D. student), Yiannis Politis (Ph.D. student)

Research Projects (after 2012)

  1. Modern Economic Geography of Crete: Large scale investments, economic crisis and restructuring at an intermediate development region

Funding Institution: Operational Program "Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong Learning" 2014-2020, the European Union (European Social Fund), Greek national funds

Duration: 21/05/2018 - 21/03/2020

UoC Principal Investigator: Professor Milonakis Dimitris

Research Team: Dr. Drakaki Eleni, Dr. Tzotzes Sergios, Dr. Manioudis Manolis



Τel.: (+30) 28310 77423

E-mail: d.milonakis@uoc.gr

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