In order to be awarded the M.Sc degree in “Economic Theory and Policy”, students must attend and pass examinations in eight (8) semester-long courses and successfully complete a Master’s thesis. The courses are taught in two academic semesters, fall and spring. Each course corresponds to 7.5 credits (E.C.T.S.).  The evaluation of the students is based on written exams or/and on long essays. The passing grade for each course is fifty (50%). This stage of graduate studies is considered to be successful if the student scores fifty (50%) or more in all courses.

During the winter semester students must take the following four (4) courses:


Macroeconomics I

Microeconomics I

Econometrics I

Political Economy



During the spring semester students must take four (4) of the following courses:


Microeconomics II

Econometrics II

Monetary Theory

Financial Markets Analysis

International Political Economy


Students that successfully complete the taught courses part of the Program submit a proposal for the Master’s thesis. The thesis  corresponds to 30 credits (E.C.T.S.). The Department appoints a chief supervisor and two secondary advisors. The Master’s thesis should be submitted by the end of the third semester and it is evaluated by the 3-member committee, in a scale  of 0-100. The passing grade is 50.

Master Thesis Defense: the students have to present their master thesis to the master thesis supervisory committee and to other master students either on an individual basis or at the  annual Post-Graduate Workshop. The total presentation time for each master thesis should not exceed 30 minutes.



Part time students complete the Program in five (5) academic semesters. Students take courses during the first four (4) semesters, and write their Master’s thesis in the fifth (5th) semester. The first four semesters include two winter semesters and two spring semesters. Credits, evaluation and passing grades in each course are similar to those of full time students.


In each of the winter semesters students must choose two (2) courses from Group 1 (WINTER SEMESTER COURSES) and in each of the spring semesters they must take two (2) courses from Group 2 (SPRING SEMESTER COURSES).


After the successful completion of the taught semesters, students write their Master’s thesis, under the rules that apply for full time students.

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