Is There a Fair and Just Price in Solidarity Economy?

Is There a Fair and Just Price in Solidarity Economy?

After we explore what a fair and just price might be, we dedicate this paper to the examination and study of the possibilities to have really such prices in solidarity economy.

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Published in: VII Congress of the Network RULESCOOP

In other words, the scope of this paper is not to study the theme of fair price in depth, but to examine the idea of the fair price within the context of the principles of solidarity economy, exactly because the idea of solidarity is very often used by the schemes I studied during my PhD dissertation. The solidarity principle is a very good thing, but implementation of this principle is better, although it is by far more difficult to be found in real economy.

As a consequence and without being sure at this stage about what is fair and what is not, but suspecting that some economic behaviours might not be fair at all, I started studying about fair prices without really having a clear idea what I would find in the literature. Then, this paper comprises my first attempt to approach theoretically the idea of fair price within the context of solidarity economy and to discuss the questions this topic raises. 

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