The Status and Development of Eco-businesses in Romania

The Status and Development of Eco-businesses in Romania

The aim of this exploratory research is to offer information for the set-up of a new eco-business. The Romanian eco-businesses understood the necessity of development and implementation of the latest patterns in order to assure a sustainable development of the business. The entrepreneurs are conscious about the poor state of it in comparison with other European companies.

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The eco-businesses are poorly represented in Romania, in comparison with the average of EU. In addition, does not exist in the National Statistical Accounts a monitor dedicated to eco-business. The labour employed in eco-firms was 0,9% in 2005, less that 0,44% of total employment. It is 1,75% the value for EU. The increase of persons employed in eco-businesses became a priority in EU as well as in Romania.

The increase of weight of eco-industries is among the development objectives in medium and long run. Romania has to implement a plan of 28 actions for promotion of eco-technologies and increase their competitiveness. To raise the access for funds obtaining of the companies with innovation capacity in eco-products, eco-materials is listed also as a priority. Among the measures for increasing the eco-businesses in Romanian economy are:

  • studies for establishing the nowadays state of Romanian eco-businesses;
  • the implementation of a special program to observe and quantify these sectors;
  • particular agenda to impel the eco-activities through national research and development projects;
  • training the trainers and supporting theconsultancy agency for eco-businesses;
  • to increase the absorption capacity for funds inthe eco-industries. (Ciupagea et. al., 2007)

Until 2005, Romania was the only country which was not connected to the European Business Awards for Environment. One of the recognition signs of Romanian efforts in eco-business and sustainable development was that the country was included in this European Competition. 

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