Assessment and grading policies


Exams take place at the end of the Fall and Spring semesters and pertain to the modules offered during the respective semester. In addition, students are entitled to be assessed in courses of both semesters during the September re-sit examination period. The program of the exams is posted on the website of the Department at least one month ahead of the final or re-sit examination period.

Oral Evaluation

Particular consideration is taken for the examination of students who have been confirmed to suffer from dyslexia prior to their admission to the University, or at request of the Student Support Center. Considering these special cases, the instructors are required to discreetly abide by the guidelines of the Student Support Center.


Grading is determined by academic faculty members who coordinate the written and/or oral examinations. Grading can also be based on assignments allocated during the semester. Each written examination (final, intermediate or re-sit) can last at most three hours. The minimum duration cannot be less than two hours. Exceptions apply to courses examined in laboratories, such as Computer Courses for Economists.

Grading Announcement

Final grades are posted οn the electronic platform within fifteen days upon completion of the respective examination period. Students are informed of their exam results using their institutional account. In case additional clarification is needed, students may contact the instructors, who are obliged to provide any further information concerning final grading.


In case an examinee fails more than three times in a course, he/she can be reexamined upon request by a three-member Committee appointed by the Dean of the School of Social Sciences. The Committee includes instructors of the same or related subject, excluding the instructor of the specific course.

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