Students with a Master’s degree from a Greek or a foreign University are eligible to apply to the Ph.D Program. In case a student holds a degree from a foreign university, it must be formally recognized (DOATAP). In some cases, a Ph.d candidate might be asked to follow classes in the Master program (either one semester or both semesters) and pass the exams as a condition to start the Ph.d dissertation. For instance students with a non-economics master degree might be requested to follow one or two semsters of master classes.

The criteria for admission to the Program are the following:

  • the overall grade in the post-graduate degrees
  • the performance in courses related to the proposed dissertation topic 
  • the quality of the Ph.D thesis proposal
  • the publications and the research papers of the candidate 
  • at least two letters of reference
  • the candidate’s performance in the personal interview (direct or via Skype)  and,
  • the proficient knowledge of English. The latter is proved via a grade of at least 80 in TOEFL, or via a grade of at least 6 in IELTS or by the Certificates of Proficiency Cambridge or Proficiency Michigan, or by any certificate accepted by the Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection (ASEP) for knowledge levels C1 or C2 (proficient user)

Note: The existence of faculty member who will be the thesis supervisor is a requirement for the acceptance of an application. In this direction, we urge all the applicants to the Ph.d program to get in touch with faculty members  whose research interests are close to the proposed thesis topic before submitting the proposal and certainly before the interview so that they discuss the possibilty of supervising the canditate's thesis. 

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