Application Procedure

The application period for the next academic period starts on March 26 and ends on May 31, 2018.  In order to be complete your application has to include the following

  1. A letter of application which includes your contact data (name, email, address, phone numbers) as well as the name of the proposed advisor and the chosen language for your thesis (Greek or English)
  2. A detailed thesis research proposal
  3. A copy of your undergraduate degree or degrees. 
  4. A copy of your master degree or degrees. In addition, if your degrees are from a non-greek university, you need to submit a copy of the certificates recognizing the foreign degrees issued by the Hellenic Acadenic Recognition Information Center (Doatap)
  5. A copy of transcipts of records for all degrees
  6. A recent curriculum vitae with detailed information on your studies and your teaching/research/professional experience
  7. A copy of your english language certificate*
  8. In case you have research publications, a copy of the publications.
  9. Two academic  recommendation letters (they need to be sealed and sent by regular mail to the following adress: Secretary's Office, Department of Economics, University Campus, University of Crete, 74100 Rethymno, Greece)

*The following certificates are accepted as proofs of the level of proficiency of the English language: TOEFL (score of 80 or more), IELTS (score of 60 or more), Proficiency Cambridge or Proficiency Michigan), any certificate accepted by the Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection (ASEP) for knowledge levels C1 or C2 (proficient user)

Items 1 to 8 should be sent electronically in pdf format by email to:

For more information, please contact Ms. Ioanna  Yotopulou, Tel.: +3028310-77405, Fax: +3028310-77404

We strongly encourage applicants to contact the proposed advisor for preparing the research proposal before submitting the application.

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