Every doctoral student is assigned a three-member advisory committee, consisting of his main advisor and two co-advisors. The committee guides the student in his research throughout his studies. Ph.D studies cannot last less than three years while the maximum length is six years. During the writing of the thesis, the student is expected to present his research in the Department (Seminar Series) and also in conferences, etc. Finally, the doctoral student is required to offer teaching services  to the Department of Economics (teaching of recitations, proctoring of exams).

Every year the doctoral students are expected to do the following:

  1. Renew their registration as doctoral students. This takes place before the Fall semester starts.
  2. Each year before the end of February, doctoral students need to submit a written progress report to their three-member advisory committee. The progress report is presented by the candiate to the committee in March.
  3. Ph.d candidates are expected to teach problem sessions at the undergraduate level and to help faculty members during the proctoring of exams.


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