Trade and Social Interactions: How do National Consumption Habits Diffuse Abroad?
The Make or Buy Decision with Horizontal Outsourcing
The Combined Effect of Aggregation and the Log Transformation on Forecasting
Walrasian and value allocations under ambiguity in coalitional dependent large economies with differential information
Drivers of High-Growth Firms: Strategic Modes of Growth and Knowledge Processing Capabilities
Systemic Financial Sector and Sovereign Risks
On Leniency and Markers in Antitrust: How Many Informants are Enough?
A Global Energy and Sustainable Economic Growth Nexus
Nuggets of Goodness in the Nest of Evil
Delegation and Worker Training
Diversification Benefits of Commodities: A Stochastic Dominance  Efficiency Approach
Production Structure, International Trade and Carbon Footprint
Input-Biased Technical Progress and the Aggregate Elasticity of Substitution: Evidence from 14 EU Member States
Investment Decisions under Macroeconomic Uncertainty
A Growth Model of Financial Reforms and R&D Investment
Product Offerings and Pricing  in a Market with Positional or Status Effects
Managerial Delegation under Capacity Commitment: A Tale of Two Sources
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