Patents, R&D incentives and knowledge diffusion when licensing is restricted
Models for curves on manifolds via rolling
Design and governance of quality on a digital platform
General government deficit and debt, 2023 - 1st notification
The impact of Covid-19 on banking groups
 Bayesian Detection and Prediction of Disruptive Events using Twitter
Breaking the Bag Habit: Testing Interventions to Reduce Plastic Bag Demand in a Developing Country
Estimating product quality: made easy
Trade credit duration, optimal order quantities and vertical integration versus external procurement in the supply chain
Common Ownership Unpacked
Exploring Behavioural Economics and its Application in Public Policy and Beyond
Adaptation to climate change: The irrigation technology mix of Italian farmers
 Immigration, Innovation, and Spatial Economic Development: Theory and Evidence from the Age of Mass Migration
Predicting Shot Success in NBA
Flexible non-parametric regression models for compositional response data with zeros
"Tacit bundling" among rivals: Limited-availability bargains to loss-averse consumers
Patents with Simultaneous Innovations: The Patentability Requirements and the Direction of Innovation
Pythagorean Expectation and other Machine Learning applications in Euroleague
East Prussia 2.0: Persistent Regions, Rising Nations
A Consolidation of the Macroeconomic Neoclassical General Equilibrium Theory via Keynesianism
Colluding or Settling? The role of unilateral overlapping ownership
Weighting Votes
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