Passive equilibria in signaling games with strong preferences
A maximum likelihood approach to diet estimation of marine predators
Forecasting with temporal hierarchies: What, how, and why?
Social policy gone bad educationally: peer effects from transfer students
Scaled von Mises-Fisher distributions and robustness
Information-theoretic solutions to ill-posed problems in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
Group formation: Contribute much with effort and little with ability
Predicting wine quality by using various Machine Learning Methods
Mixtures of non-linear Poisson autoregressions
Authenticity goes digital
 The dynamics of preemptive and follower investments with overlapping ownership
A robust approach to classification and regression tasks for microbiome data
Myopic Oligopoly Pricing
Machine learning for EU macroeconomic forecasting
Tax competition and phantom FDI
Ringleader Discrimination in Leniency Policies
Introduction to meta-analysis
An Improved $L_2$-Distance Based Density Goodness-Of-Fit Test
Strategic informed traders and risk averse market makers
Pollution permits and financing costs
Oil price forecasts and macroeconomic projections
Scientific challenges and problems in football analytics
Negative skewness of asset returns with positive time-varying risk premia
Estimating NBA players salary share according to their performance on court:  A machine learning approach
Nonparametric tests for optimal predictive ability
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