A Causal Analysis of Electricity Consumption and Economic Growth in the U.S.
Binary public decisions with a status quo: a novel characterization of the Unanimity mechanism
Forecasting the COVID-19 Pandemic in Saudi Arabia Using a Modified Singular Spectrum Analysis Approach
Dissecting Climate Risks: Are they Reflected in Stock Prices?
The benefits and challenges of causal machine learning
Overconfidence in Tullock Contests
A Regulatory Arbitrage Game:  Off-Balance-Sheet Leverage and Financial  Fragility
Determining the Flat Sales Prices by Flat Characteristics Using Bayesian Network Models
Natural resource economics and the rebound effect: An empirical approach in agriculture
Univariate Self-Starting Shiryaev (U3S): A Bayesian Online Change Point Model for Short Runs
Meta-Analysis of Bayes Factors
Disentangling the Effects of Time Pressure on Risk Attitudes
A generalized Bayes framework for probabilistic clustering
Semi-Endogenous or Fully Endogenous Growth? A Simple Unified Theory
A new regression model for overdispersed binomial data accounting for outliers and an excess of zeros
Dominant Cryptocurrencies: A complex networks approach
The effects of public disclosure and peer monitoring on tax compliance: Lab experiments across Europe
Bayesian networks and their extensions in modern machine learning
 Corporate tax changes and bank lending
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