Consistent and Continuous Training

Each undergraduate student in the Department has his/her Academic Advisor. The Academic Advisors are Faculty Members of the Department, and are accountable for informing and advising students on academic issues that arise during their studies.

The Academic Advisors are committed to closely cooperate with the services of the University. In essence, they act as a link between students and services of the Institution aiming at the students’ academic competence and successful completion of studies.  The continuous personal contact between students and Advisors is very significant. In no case does an Academic Advisor stand in for the Department Secretariat, whatsoever. In the event of miscommunication between Advisors and students, the Head of the Department is to be informed.

Each student cooperates with the same Academic Advisor throughout his/her studies. Should the Advisor require sabbatical or sickness leave, he/she is replaced by the Chairman of the Committee of Undergraduate Studies who is temporarily committed to the task. In case of an Advisor’s retirement or transfer, students are timely informed of the change through the Secretariat of the Department.

Information concerning Study Advisors can be retrieved through the application on the right by use of the student’s registration number. A collective list of the Advisors’ office hours is posted here.

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