The students of the Department are entitled to receive textbooks for the courses they register in each academic semester. The procedure for claiming them uses the platform Eudoxus.

To make the claim of university books effective, students must use the username and password issued by the Secretariat of the Department of Economics during registration.

The academic staff makes sure that the list of university textbooks is updated at the end of every academic year, on the basis of the adjustments in the courses syllabi and the availability of books. Each instructor is obliged to propose at least three textbooks in a course.

Students select via Eudoxus the books they wish for every course in their individual curriculum. The available books for the current academic year are presented in the adjacent table EUDOXUS.

The instructors provide additional teaching material such as lecture notes, study or revision material, transparencies, as well as additional literature, by posting them on the asynchronous E-Class learning platform. Actually, any useful material deemed as particularly significant in relation to a course is posted on this platform.

In case of failure in the final or re-sit examination in a specific course, students are ineligible to re-take via Eudoxus another textbook in that course.

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