Marketing a Vintage Carpet in a Free Bazaar and Other Stories On/Off Value

Marketing a Vintage Carpet in a Free Bazaar and Other Stories On/Off Value

This paper researches on exchange networks, parallel currencies and free bazaars in Greece.

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Published in: 3rd International Conference in Political Economy

The first case concerns my visit in a free bazaar in the Greater Athens area in December 2011, where I experimented with... a vintage handmade carpet which however, needed more than 3 hours of intentional promotion to be “disposed” despite the fact that it was free. The second case concerns a discussion which took place in a major Greek city in September 2010 among people who tried to establish an exchange network and how the discussion coped with the value of services and goods. The third case is my experience concerning valuing and pricing within the Chania Exchange Network which I am a member of.

My concern with value is not only to define/describe it as much as possible in relation to actual, real cases, but also to see whether our valuings have any value at all and for whom: what aims and ideas our perceptions of value are based on and whether we just accept as (more or less) valuable what we have learned that it is so, even if this acceptance might lead to reproducing economic situations that in other contexts we try to avoid and discard. 

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